Customer Testimonials

Vitamin C 20 Serum:

“I have been using Vitamin C Serums for a number of years and am a fan. I have really liked this product and will purchase it again. It lasted about 6 weeks when used twice daily and I feel like it improved my complexion.” – Lisa

“While it is not necessarily the primary marketed focus, the healing properties are outstanding. I had a rough/callous spot on one knee that would just not heal for about 9 months. I started applying the VC twice daily and within a week healing was very evident and after 30 days almost completely gone.” – Jerry

“Everything was as it was presented. Beautiful products with very nice feel to them and they are working which is great!” – Joanne

“Very quick delivery, and I’m loving the products so far!” – Teasi

“Too soon to tell if it will work, but it feels amazing on my skin! It feels so delicate, so wonderful. I hope it will improve the texture of my skin. Will update later.”  – Claudia


Swiss Apple Stem Cell:

Thank YOU for your speedy reply!  Thank YOU so much for being here!!  Whew!!  Your swiss apple serum is a god-send of a product and it is the utmost important piece in my skin care health regime!  I think the world of your customer service as I have tried another company before discovering yours!  You are on the top spectrum in customer care!  Bless you and this company and its products!  😉




“The Product seems to be helping to diminish some red spots as well as leveling out my skin tone/complexion. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to make their skin more even and younger looking. Very nice product of which you don’t need a lot of so it seems that it will last me quite a while so good value as well.”  – Valerie

“This product is amazing – one can tell that it was made with care and love. This was the first time I purchased this but I am sticking with it. There is notable difference on the way my skin looks with only one week of using this Apple Stem Cell. By the way it smells sooooo good. I LOVE IT.  Thank you!”  – Marta