Q: Are there any special instructions for applying multiple products?

A: Bethesda Springs Botanicals are complimentary to each other and work well together. When using multiple products, they should be applied in the following order:

  1. Swiss Apple Stem Cell
  2. Vitamin C Serum


Q: How much should be applied?

A: Just enough to provide coverage of the desired area.


Q: How often should I apply the serum?

A: Apply the product twice daily to clean skin prior to any other make up. Warming your skin with a warm, damp cloth prior to application will improve efficacy, especially for the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum.


Q: Why is the consistency of the Vitamin C Serum different in my new bottle from my previous bottle?

A: With continued research, we have found greater absorbancy into the dermal layer by using a “thinner” consistency. The gel compound that made it thicker previously has been reduced in the new formula.