I wonder if common sense and respect is completely gone?

When a neighbor shoots a 5 year old child in his own front yard, this is an absolute outrage and assault on our civility, safety and culture. When the media does not report it, and it is an obvious black out, then we have to wonder if something is running amuck in the media.

  • The offender was a black man.
  • The child was white
  • The whole city did NOT get burned to the ground by mindless rioters.

When several police officers in Kenosha, WI are provoked enough by a man, that all of them pull out their guns, there must be good reason for this provocation. The man ignores them despite their orders to stop, walks around to the driver’s door and leans into the car to get something. He is then shot several times by the officer and the media go nuts. The facts are:

  • The offender and victim was a black man
  • He ignores several officers giving him orders
  • Rioters loot and burn the city before any relevant facts are known or released.

Does anyone think that it is very possible that he told them he was walking around to the other side of the car to get his gun to kill them all? Does anyone think he just politely said, “Hey, let me get my Bible, or would you mind getting it for me?”.  Obviously, it was something more in line with the first. He had to have voiced his intent.

Please note that officers are trained to pull out their guns only when the situation deems that they may have to shoot to kill. There are no half measures. There is no other purpose to pull out their gun other than to protect their own life and the lives of those around the situation. This is a good thing. Anyone who ignores their orders and warnings is by their own choice putting their life on the line.

Please respect the Police force for they are there to protect all of us. I know there are occasions that it seems they are out their just to pass out a ticket for some trivial traffic violation, but in serious disturbances we must trust those that are trained to do so.