I have had questions about the vaccines that have been developed for the Covid-19 virus. I have for the past few years gotten flu shots only because it has been very convenient as my employer pays for it and has someone come into the office to give the shots. If I had to go somewhere to get it, I likely would not bother just as I never did prior to my current employment.

As we know, each year the so-called experts announce that the “may have missed it” with the flu shots this year resulting in a significant number of flu cases reported.

Now, regarding the vaccines for the Covid-19 virus.

I have done a little internet research, and the common data that seems consistent is that the antibodies developed by an individual after having the Covid-19 virus last “8 months or longer”. It is not yet conclusive data, because it has not been long enough yet but that is commonly reported term.

In addition, regarding the vaccine, the term of antibodies developed last about the same term. Pfizer announced that its vaccine, after the second dose, was shown to be highly effective for up to six months.

There is a common misconception that if you get the vaccine then you are good for life. This is our acceptance of vaccines for Polio, MMR types of vaccines. This is NOT the case with a Covid virus.

The morbidity rate of those that have taken the vaccine is about 1% better than those that have not had the vaccine.

This raises several questions.

  • Will we as a society continue to lock down everyone because there really is no long term, effective vaccine for the virus?
  • Will we continue to push everyone to get another shot every 6 months?
  • Should I bother with the vaccine because in 6 months I can get the virus anyway? OR am I just as well-off riding it out. Everyone gets the occasional cold/flu and just rides it out.
  • Am I at risk with other conditions that raise my risk level such as diabetes, obesity or other conditions? If so, maybe the vaccine is a good choice.
  • If politicians in their misguided drive for more control enforce a vaccine passport in order to engage in society, what will the expiration date be on the passport? If there is no expiration date, then the passport becomes the end rather than the health of our people.
  • There are also moral questions about the development of the vaccines. ALL of them have been developed using fetal tissue from abortions. They do not all contain the actual cellular material of that tissue, but some contain the byproduct of it. Should we benefit from this?

Unfortunately, we have thrown such an enormous amount of money at the vaccine and spread propaganda that this is the cure to the pandemic, that politicians, media, and medical industry cannot embrace these inexpensive solutions. They have way too much to gain from the momentum of the vaccine pandemonium.

I encourage each individual to make INFORMED decisions about how we live our lives regarding our health choices. I believe the better choice is that we take more action towards “health care” rather than treating sickness. We need to raise our intake of missing supplements such as Vitamin D, Zinc etc that will raise our level of immunity. We need to lose some weight and maintain some form of regular exercise. We need to make healthy dietary choices. We need to live with optimism and free from fear.